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We deal with whatever life deals out.

Whether by birth or accident, powers outside of your control might have shaped your life. But with the help of Adelaide Plastic Surgery, you now have the power to shape your destiny.

With over 150 years of knowledge, care and experience shared between our eminently gifted and compassionate surgeons, we can offer life-saving and life-enhancing procedures that deal with whatever life has dealt you.

One of Australasia’s largest plastic surgery practices.

As one of Australasia’s largest practices, we’ve dealt with almost every problem imaginable (and some unimaginable) using plastic, cosmetic, laser and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, and anti-ageing treatments to improve the form and function of the human body.

Every single person who comes to us we treat holistically with dignity, confidentiality and respect. Offering hope, confidence, capability and—sometimes—a whole new lease on life. So, take your time and ask all the questions you want.

We’re located right in Adelaide’s CBD within a fully accredited day-surgery, just 10 minutes’ drive from Adelaide Airport for the convenience of our interstate and overseas patients.

Plastic surgeons don’t use plastic.

Some people think plastic surgery involves some kind of plastic. But the word comes from the ancient Greek word ‘plastos’, which means ‘to mould or shape’. (Having those qualities is what gave common plastics their name.) So, as plastic surgeons, we mould and shape human anatomy, like sculptors.

We’re plastic surgeons, not cosmetic surgeons.

Yes: there is a difference. Logically, you’d think you’d go to a cosmetic surgeon for cosmetic surgery. And you could.

The problem is that, believe it or not—even in Australia—any doctor can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon without having undergone any formal training or accreditation.

To become a plastic surgeon, however, you must undertake eight to ten years of specialist surgical training and examinations in addition to qualifying as a doctor.

That means a plastic surgeon is the only person you should feel confident seeing for everything from improving aesthetics to repairing injured hands and facial structures, reconstructing body parts through microsurgery and making life better for burns and cancer sufferers.

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery, every one of our plastic surgeons is exactly that: fully trained, accredited and experienced. Even if you don’t choose to come to us, if we can at least convince you to see a qualified plastic surgeon rather than a cosmetic surgeon, we will be satisfied.

But we’re not just plastic surgeons.

Whilst plastic surgery is obviously—and quite literally—what made our name, Adelaide Plastic Surgery also offers the same level of individualised care and attention for those needing surgical oncology or breast surgery.

In each of these two fields, we are indeed fortunate to have one of Adelaide’s most outstanding specialists, who can manage your care individually, or work hand-in-glove with our plastic surgeons.Indeed, like them, our general surgeons have also completed years of specialist surgical training and excelled in their chosen areas of specialisation.

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” —Eleanor Roosevelt.