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Dermal Therapy

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of premium dermal therapies designed to rejuvenate your skin, restore lost volume, and compliment your natural facial contours. Rest assured, whatever your reason for pursuing dermal therapy treatment, our experienced team of professionals will work towards achieving healthy results that are right for you.

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Treatment Details

The product used in dermal therapy is made up of complex sugars that occur naturally in our body. These sugars are responsible for providing fullness and elasticity to the skin by attracting and retaining water. As we age this substance diminishes, causing our skin to lose volume and elasticity. When administered into the layers of the skin, they replicate the actions of this naturally occurring sugar molecule by attracting and holding water. They can be used to restore lost volume to areas that can flatten and hollow with age, or to contour and define your natural facial features.

These products come in a range of consistencies, each designed to be used in different areas and in different layers of the skin. Softer, supple products are perfect for areas such as the lips, whilst thicker products are used deeper to create volume and define facial contours.

Our Products

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery we offer an extensive range of premium dermal therapy products, giving us the ability to tailor a treatment that will work best for your individual needs.  All the products we use for treatments are made from naturally occurring complex sugars, they are safe to use and are able to be dissolved if necessary.

Due to regulatory restrictions we are not able to name these products on our website, however, should you call and enquire, we will be happy to discuss these products over the phone.

Your Consultation

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery we are pleased to offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with our experienced team of professionals. During this consultation, you will experience a full facial analysis, allowing your treatment to be tailored to your individual aesthetic needs. Our team take a special interest in the latest techniques that will restore and refresh your face, while still preserving your natural features.

As the products required for these treatments are a prescription medication, you will also meet face to face with one of our specialist plastic surgeons. That’s one of the key benefits of coming to Adelaide Plastic Surgery – not only are our surgeons available to write your prescription and review your treatment plan, there is the added comfort of knowing a surgeon is always on-site for their opinion and management if ever the occasion arises.

We recommend that you allow 30 minutes for this consultation. Please keep this in mind when organising parking so that you don’t feel the need to rush. There is the possibility for your treatment to be done on the same day if time permits.


We offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations with our experienced team of professionals to identify and discuss the costs of your individual treatment needs.

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