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Research & Publications

Complementing her clinical practice Beverley has continued her research, published numerous papers and is involved with trials for Breast Cancer treatment. A list of her published work is below for your reference.

Book Chapters

Multi-treatment modalities for liver tumours
Chapter 22: Direct current electrolysis, pp. 269–292
Finch JG, Fosh BG, Maddern GJ
Edited by Mr Nagy Habib
Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers

Peer-reviewed Articles

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Surgical Research training using pigs and sheep as models
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Oesophageal Diverticula
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Liver electrolysis: pH can reliably monitor the extent of porcine hepatic ablation
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A case report of primary HCC being treated with electrolysis
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Long Term Venous Access Insertion – “The learning Curve” A surgeons experience
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The use of a “liquid” electrode in hepatic electrolysis
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Maternal GIST in Twin Pregnancy: Case report of a rare and complex management challenge
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Part Time General Surgical Training In South Australia—Its success and failure
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Radiology Induced Necrosis Of Breast
ANZ Journal of Surgery
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Autologous Fat Grafting for Whole Breast Reconstruction: A Case Report
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Globe Online
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Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS): Breast-conserving Surgery without Radiotherapy
ANZ Journal of Surgery
2015 Apr;85(4): 245–8
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Gas-containing Gallstones: A Radiological finding.
ANZ Journal of Surgery
2015 May 18
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MRI vs. 3D laser scanning for breast volume assessment following breast reconstruction
Annals of Plastic Surgery -2016 February 29
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A systematic review of the impacts of active military service on sexual and reproductive health outcomes among servicewomen and female veterans of armed forces.
The Journal of Military and Veteran Health
Manuscript ID JMVH-2015-0037
2016 March 16
Neuhaus S, Kumar S, Fosh BG, Jones L, Rahmanian H, Crompvoets S