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Dermal Fillers

Skin Texture and Pigmentation

A natural, younger looking face without surgery: is it possible? Yes, emphatically. But, like so many things, it does depend on who’s performing the treatment and what they’re using.

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery, our nurse injectors offer a range of temporary gel fillers to rejuvenate your skin, replace your lost volume, enhance your contours or augment your lips.

Skin Texture and Pigmentation

What do dermal fillers actually do?

These fillers are injected into the layers of the skin to assist its hydration by attracting and holding water. They also help restore collagen and elastin to give your skin both structure and support.

These fillers have become ever more sophisticated as they’ve evolved. Today, they can be used for everything from very superficial work through to situations where deeper volume is needed.

What products do we use?

First, you should know we absolutely insist that the only products we will use for this treatment are made from naturally occurring complex sugars, making them safe to use with very few side effects.

There are two main products we use at Adelaide Plastic Surgery, which we are obliged not to name here due to regulatory restrictions.

Our Nurse Injectors