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Take heart: laugh lines are actually often caused by habitual laughter, indicating you have a sunny disposition. But if you’ve got to the point where they’re no laughing matter or you’ve been wearing a turtleneck to cover your ‘turkey’ neck, we can well understand if it clouds your mood. We’re here to take the wrinkles out of the mirror.


What can a lift achieve?

By performing a surgical facelift or neck lift, we can reduce such signs of ageing as lines, wrinkles, sagging facial skin and the dreaded ‘turkey’ neck, refreshing your appearance. We can’t make you look 17 again but who wants to go back there? As one of our patients put it, she just wanted to be the best-looking 50-year-old in the room.

What is the procedure?

Our surgery usually involves tightening and removing sagging skin on the face and neck, as well as removing and repositioning excess fat. We can also tighten facial muscles to improve their tone.

Holistic treatment, not just a procedure

Our whole philosophy is built around holistic treatment. We’re here for you: mind, body and soul, helping you make the decision to invest in a procedure (or not) and then gain the best possible results, physically and mentally. As part of our facelift and neck lift treatment, therefore, we include a full make-up consultation along with a range of skincare products for use pre- and post-surgery. Our consultation will show you how to match your skin colour to the correct shade of foundation, advise you on which make-up colours suit you best and give you lessons in professional application techniques.

Will I need an overnight stay?

This depends on your general health and the extent of the procedure, which your surgeon will advise you on. Sometimes, we can perform facelifts as day surgery but most of our patients choose to stay in hospital overnight to recuperate. Neck lifts, on the other hand, usually only require day surgery, although sometimes you’ll be required to stay in overnight.

What are the side effects?

There’s no getting around scarring with surgery. But our aim, as plastic surgeons, is to make your scars as inconspicuous as possible, usually by hiding them in your hairline. Usually, they will then fade with time. However, this does depend on each individual’s health, skin condition and metabolism.

When can I get back to normal activities?

Again, this is very much down to your body’s unique response but most of our patients take two to three weeks off work. Often, you’ll need to wear supportive garments over this time. Generally, you can start to apply your make-up once more after seven to ten days.

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