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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

A lot of women give themselves a simple lip enhancement every day: it’s called lipstick. The reason we do so is—as a psychologist will tell you—because full, red lips are an indicator of a woman’s oestrogen levels and fertility. Or, as any fashion magazine might put it: big lips are sexy.

We have several ways to define, enhance and create fuller lips. Each has its own specific use and advantages, and each varies in how long it will last.

Lip Enhancement

How age affects lips

Over time, we lose the shape and volume of our lips due to the decrease of the naturally occurring complex sugars and elastin in our skin. The outer layer of your lips can become thinner and the Cupid’s bow (the V-shaped area of the upper lip) flattens out, causing your lips to become elongated and lose their youthfulness.

You may also notice vertical lines appearing and deepening around the border of the lips and mouth. Commonly known as ‘smoker’s lines’, they develop over a number of years as we repeatedly purse our lips whilst smoking or sucking on a straw.

How lipstick can highlight the problem

When you’re young, your skin is elastic and springs back to its rest position easily. However, as time goes on, it can become less supple: lines may become evident, even when you’re not pursing your mouth. And if they deepen, you’ll find your lipstick will bleed into them. So, instead of highlighting the feature, they tend to highlight the lines.

What to do if your lips have lost that loving feeling

The answer could be right under your nose: Adelaide Plastic Surgery has treatments to restore volume and definition to your lips.

To find out what’s possible, call us to speak to one of our nurses. We’ll give you a free consultation, after which you’re under no obligation to go any further.

Removal of Lip Creases

Direct injection of dermal filler
This is our most effective treatment to remove lip creases.

Anti-wrinkle treatment
Occasionally, we use this as an addition for deep-etched upper lip lines. However, you will experience a mild, transitory weakness of your upper lip area for up to three weeks.

Dermal Filling Agents

With this treatment, we can create a crisp outline to the vermillion border of your lips. It can also help to stretch out the fine lines your lipstick bleeds into. On top of that, it adds volume and fullness to the body of your lips.

How long does it last?
Six to twelve months.

What is the advantage?
No allergy test is required before treatment. This is the way to gain not only a softer, rounder lip edge,
but enhanced volume for your lips as well.

What are the side effects?
You’ll experience mild swelling, which may last one to three days and, possibly, bruising.

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