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It’s no accident that the same word, tanning, describes what we do when we go out in the sun and what we do to produce leather. But excess UV light is only one of the many enemies our skin faces. Time, gravity, smoking, long working hours, overly refined diets and excess alcohol can also take their toll on the health and vitality of our skin and result in premature ageing.

Of course, some of these come from our lifestyle choices. By stopping smoking or cutting back on alcohol, for example, we can start to prevent further damage. Mind you, time and gravity aren’t so easy to stop. And once the damage is done, you need expert help to undo the skin’s ageing. That’s where we come in.

Adelaide Plastic Surgery offers a full range of therapies to help rejuvenate your skin. They vary from simple injectables or laser treatments that may be done during a lunch hour, through to staged, multi-modal rejuvenation programs.

What you select depends very much on what aspect of skin rejuvenation you want to address. To help you figure that out, please have a read through the procedures listed here. Then, come and see one of our consultants who will give you an assessment and discuss the best options with you.

Popular Skin Treatment Procedures

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