Adelaide Plastic Surgery

Oncology, Breast & General Surgery

Whilst plastic surgery is obviously—and quite literally—what made our name, Adelaide Plastic Surgery also offers the same level of individualised care and attention for those needing oncological, breast or general surgery. In this area, we are indeed fortunate to have two of Adelaide’s most outstanding specialists.

Dr Susan Neuhaus

Dr Susan Neuhaus is our surgical oncologist and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide with a PhD in the mechanisms of cancer spread.

Dr Beverley Fosh

Dr Beverley Fosh is our specialist in breast cancer, having graduated in Medicine from the University of Dundee in 1997 and obtained her postgraduate Doctorate in Cancer Surgery in 2005.

Surgical Oncology

If you are diagnosed with a cancer, Dr Neuhaus will counsel you on the most appropriate treatment and therapies, work with a multi-disciplinary team to give you the optimum results, perform the delicate surgery and then manage you through the all-important aftercare. Find out more…

Breast Cancer Surgery

Once you hear the ‘C’ word, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. But Dr Fosh will support you through these days of turmoil, help you get the facts straight about the type of cancer you have, what your surgical options are and what to expect. Find out more…

General Surgery

Many people choose to bypass waiting lists and place their trust in our skilled surgeons, exemplary day-surgery facilities and understanding after-care for their general surgery. Find out more…