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Microsurgery is a specialised field of reconstructive surgery. It involves the use of microscopes and miniaturised equipment, intended for the intricate repair of blood vessels and nerves that are only millimetres in size.

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery, our specialist plastic surgeons are highly skilled in microsurgery, and utilise this level of expertise when transferring tissue from a donor site, or in complex wound reconstructions. A high level of care and precision is needed for this type of procedure, and it is only performed in situations when other, more simpler options are not applicable.

Common procedures requiring microsurgery that we perform include:

  • Head and neck reconstruction using a tissue transfer or flap
  • Breast reconstruction using a tissue transfer or flap
  • Complex wound reconstruction
  • Nerve repair
  • Digit replantation

For reasons of patient safety, microsurgery is always performed under a general anaesthetic with an anaesthetist present. As microsurgery involves the reattachment of tissue and blood vessels, you will require close monitoring of blood flow to the area following your procedure. If micro surgery is applicable to you and your individual surgical needs, your surgeon will explain everything in detail and answer any questions during your initial consultation.

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