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Facial Surgery

Our specialist plastic surgeons understand that every face is unique, and are committed to ensuring that each patient journey is approached the same way. 

As Fellows of the Australasian College of Surgeons, they each have the experience and extensive training to safely preform a comprehensive range of cosmetic and medically indicated facial procedures, including face and neck lifts, ear pinning, and rhinoplasty surgery. 

Whatever your reason for considering facial surgery, one of our surgeons would be pleased to meet and explore your individual surgical options with you. Please read more about our range of facial procedures below.

We’re all about you, your journey, your way.

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News – March 23, 2023

Will my surgery leave me with a scar?

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Anthony Porter and Jo Herreen RN discuss everything you need to know about post surgical scarring in our latest blog post. Read it now