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Removal of Lesions

At Adelaide Plastic Surgery we are pleased to be home to one of the largest ranges of Medical Grade Lasers in Australia. When it comes to a simple solution for the removal of benign lesions, these can be treated with one of our surgeons using our Erbium Laser. One of the many benefits of this non-surgical alternative is the ability to remove a lesion with precision, and little to no scarring.

Further Information

What can we treat?

The Erbium laser is especially effective in the removal of any benign, superficial lesion. Our surgeons commonly use this laser to treat conditions such as skin tags, naevi (mole), seborrheic keratoses and solar keratoses. This laser is also used in our Laser Resurfacing treatments, as an option to treat acne scarring or the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles.

It is important to mention this type of laser is not suitable for the treatment of malignant (cancerous) lesions. If you are unsure, we recommend a referral to see one of our Plastic Surgeons, who will be happy to guide you through a treatment plan best suited to your clinical needs. 

How does the Erbium Laser work?

The Erbium laser is a type of ablative laser, and is one of two we have at Adelaide Plastic Surgery. The specific wavelength emitted by the Erbium laser is attracted to the water in your skin, and on contact, heats the water to a temperature that causes it to vaporise along with a fine layer of skin. This controlled process gives our surgeons the ability to precisely remove damaged or unwanted skin, layer by layer, until only fresh undamaged skin is left. The process involves minimal injury to the surrounding skin, and in most patients heals without scarring. The treatment area will be numbed with either numbing cream or local anaesthetic prior to treatment to minimise any discomfort.

Your Consultation

This treatment is only available with one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons. During your consultation your surgeon will discuss your concerns, outline the treatment details, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. You will then meet with your surgeon’s personal assistant, who will provide you with a quote and arrange a future date for your treatment. It is important to note we do not guarantee a treatment on the day of your initial appointment. Before coming to your appointment, we recommend organising a referral from your GP or dermatologist to your selected surgeon. This may make you eligible for a Medicare rebate for your consultation fee, which is payable on the day. We recommend that you allow 15-30 minutes for this consultation. Please keep this in mind when organising parking so that you don’t feel the need to rush.

What can I expect after my treatment?

After your treatment your skin may appear reddened and raw, similar to a burn with the top layer of skin removed. A small, tape dressing will be applied to the area and can be kept on until your next visit. It is important to follow all the post-operative instructions given to you by your surgeon to ensure you have the best possible result.  The area will need to be cleaned regularly and protected from the sun.  

What are the possible complications?

Whilst this laser is very safe, when using any laser there is a risk of hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) or hypopigmentation (skin lightening) to the treated area. On very rare occasions the lesion sometimes may grow back.


This treatment varies in cost depending on the area being treated and the quantity of lesions. A full outline of costs will be given to you in a quote during your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon.  

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If you are ready to book your initial consultation, please book online or call us to book with one of our helpful team members. We’ll be pleased to help you start your journey.

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