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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Not-so-charming name. But it’s a totally natural product. And it can offer you a great result. These transfers allow you to reuse your own fatty reserves as the ultimate body filler.

Fat Transfer

What is the procedure?

A small quantity of fat is removed from the buttock, thigh or abdomen and then injected into deep lines in the face or into lips to plump them.

What can fat transfer achieve?

Most commonly, we use it to address the deep creases between the mouth and nose (the naso-labial folds) but it can also plump up the lips and depressed scars as well.

What’s the advantage of fat transfer?

As this fat naturally occurs within the body (and the fat we use actually comes from your own body), it has no adverse reactions. It’s particularly good for people who are allergic to other injectable treatments.

What are the side effects?

Your body will naturally reabsorb a percentage of the transferred fat: 30% will disappear in the first two to three days; another 30 to 40% will disappear in the next few months; and only about 30% will be left permanently. Therefore, to achieve the final result you’re after, our doctor needs to over-correct the treated area. This will create obvious swelling for a few weeks and, quite possibly, some bruising. You will definitely need some downtime from work or social commitments until it settles.

Of course, the other consideration is that the area the fat is taken from (the donor site) will also be tender and bruised for several days.

Any disadvantages?

A fat transfer may need to be repeated several times to achieve the result you’re looking for. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t work for everybody and we have no way of predicting how your body will react to it ahead of time.

Fat injected into the upper lip will certainly plump it up but you won’t get a clearly defined border. If that is the look you want, you may consider another injectable treatment: a dermal filler.

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