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ASAPS President Dr Timothy Edwards (MED0000968339)


December 14, 2023, the Australian government, specifically the Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler, announced the launch of new standards for cosmetic surgery. These standards are designed to ensure the safety and quality of cosmetic surgery procedures across the country.

The standards cover various aspects of cosmetic surgery services, ranging from small clinics to large health organisations. They address issues such as assessing if a patient is suitable for surgery, conducting psychological assessments, regulating advertising, obtaining informed consent from patients, reporting data, handling complaints, ensuring clinician qualifications, providing proper post-operative care, maintaining continuity of care, and promoting sustainable healthcare practices.

The goal is to improve public safety and set clear guidelines for the cosmetic surgery industry. These standards are mandatory for all facilities offering cosmetic surgery services. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care is overseeing the implementation of these standards.

Specialist Plastic Surgeons, including ASAPS President Dr Timothy Edwards and ASAPS Member Dr Garry Buckland, have expressed support for these standards. They believe that the new regulations will protect individuals opting for cosmetic surgery by ensuring high-quality practices. The standards are seen as a way to restore confidence in the cosmetic surgery industry, which has faced concerns about reputation and integrity.

The standards are expected to distinguish between good-quality and poor-quality practices, providing patients with the assurance that they will receive safe and accountable care. The implementation of these standards is considered a positive step for patients, practitioners, and the overall community. The hope is that facilities prioritising patient safety will adopt these standards quickly, leading to positive changes in the industry.

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